Team News Bulletin


>> 2018 Tire Sales Schedule:
• Tue. May 1, 5pm-7pm: Pro Series
• Wed. May 2, 5pm-7pm: Sport Series
• Thur. May 3, 5pm-7pm: Wildcat
• Sat. June 2, 12pm-2pm: Thunder MB, LL & MT

Beginning Wed. May 9th, NASCAR series race tires are available for purchase at the Speedway shop complex Wednesday evenings from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. On event days, tires are available in the pit area when the pit gates open.

4/1/14 Beetle Bug Varsity and JV update: Wheels must be stock for type and make of car and must be D.O.T. approved. Honda-powered cars may use no more than 6” wide wheels and must be within +/- ½” of stock offset.  1” lug nuts are permitted; stock studs & hubs must remain.