General policies


·         Pets are not permitted in the grandstands or pit area.

·         Service dogs (not other animals) are allowed but not recommended in this often loud and congested environment.  Service dogs must be providing an obvious service to the customer.  Service vests and certification paperwork may be required.  Dogs in service training are not permitted without prior approval.  Therapy animals are not permitted.

·         Maximum 14″ coolers are allowed, limit one per group, please. All outside food and beverage must fit inside the max. 14″ container. No weapons, alcohol or glass containers. Small tote bags with sundries or cushions or clothing are permitted and are subject to search. Containers/totes must be kept between a person’s feet when grandstand conditions become crowded.

·         Glass of any kind is not permitted.

·         Lawn chairs or oversized chairs are not permitted in the grandstand areas.

·         Impairment by alcohol or of any kind is not tolerated.

·         Solicitations are not permitted without express prior consent from the General Office.

·         Motorcycles are welcome; no club colors, please.

·         Weapons of any kind are not allowed, with or without permits.

·         High-temperature cooking devices are not allowed inside the facility.

·         Aerial drones are not permitted anywhere over the property.

·         Maine law prohibits the introduction of firewood from out-of-state, to control the spread of invasive and destructive species of insects.  Buy or bring only firewood from Maine.